*Adam Michael Brewer of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrating how to tone your upper body with a bicep tricep combination.  Show Me >

1. Stress releases cortisol. Excess cortisol redirects the metabolism to burn muscle instead of fat. As a result, muscles may become weaker, and carbohydrates are more... Show Me >

Take a bite or four of these spicy, inviting kale chips. No boring health food snack, the mix of curry and parmesan is the perfect way to go. Show Me >

Molly Nourmand of Extremefitness.com demonstrating the yoga crow pose. Show Me >

Ted McDonald of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrating how to tone your abs with the Flutter Kick V-Sit. Show Me >

A recent outbreak of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) gained national attention last month, as hundereds of children were sent to hospitals with severe respiratory illnesses.... Show Me >

Molly Nourmand of ExtremeFitness.com breaks down benefits fo meditation in this introductory video. Show Me >

Sean Callahan of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrating the dumbbell deep pocket squat. Show Me >

Have you ever had moments of unplanned chocolate, pizza, ice cream & burgers? Mindless eating happens to all of us, so I am hoping you can relate. That was me last... Show Me >

Last week I spent some unplugged time on the beautiful island of Kauai. I picked fresh Guava from trees, Zip lined across rainforests and enjoyed my fair share of Mai... Show Me >

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Ted McDonald of Extremefitness.com demonstrating the crescent twist... More >

Rebecca Louise-Smith of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrates the tricep... More >

Madeline Mosier of Extremefitness.com demonstrating the Hip Hinge... More >

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1. Stress releases cortisol. Excess cortisol redirects the... More >

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