I received an email last week that left me deeply humbled. There is no greater gift than a sincere thank you for authenticity.  “Angie, I love how you are real. You are... Show Me >

Ted McDonald of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrating this week's XF yoga challeneg. It' the Koundinyasana 2 arm balance. This pose really tests your core strength and... Show Me >

As the number of foods being marketed as "healthy", "gluten free", and "natural", become more available, there’s a hidden ingredient in many of those foods that can... Show Me >

The first thing that comes to mind when the term "pH" is used is whether or not your pool water is legit. Did you know that our bodies have an intricate pH system as... Show Me >

Pregnancy is one of the most special, wonderful experiences, but it is also flat out terrifying. You feel nervous about your baby’s health, motherhood in general, and... Show Me >

I got a chance to get a quick interview with Mike Lee. His ESPN July 25th fight is coming up in Chicago NEXT WEEK, and will be incredible to watch. I am super fortunate... Show Me >

The hottest new pet food labels are loaded with buzzwords like “gluten free”, “grain free”, and “no fillers”. Just like human food, labels can be deceptive and lead us... Show Me >

Oh, carbohydrates. I’m half Italian and my breakup with my beloved garlic bread was a heart-breaking split. Although I knew better, I was convinced carbohydrates (... Show Me >

When my clients at 34 North see the words “Sweet 60” written on the whiteboard the reactions are a mix of excitement and anxiety.  This is a metabolic conditioning... Show Me >

There you are, relaxing in your bed, staring at your awesome little newborn in your arms, smiling and feeling proud of what you have just created…and then you look a... Show Me >

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Everything in the Universe is created from pure light electrons.... More >

I received an email last week that left me deeply humbled.... More >

As the number of foods being marketed as "healthy", "gluten free",... More >


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