We often believe energy must come from an outside source, yet it’s fascinating how once we hear exciting news----we immediately have boundless energy. We suddenly don’t... Show Me >

What is Yoga? How do we get there? Why would I want to? These questions are some of the most ancient in existence. These questions cannot even be asked until the work of... Show Me >

Rebecca Louise-Smith of Extremefitness.com performs the Russian Twist Show Me >

Tanner Martty of Extremefitness.com demonstrating the single arm kettlebell swing. Show Me >

I remember when I first began my job at the dispensary. I told all my acquaintances that I worked at a “holistic health clinic downtown,” because I feared how they would... Show Me >

Hippocrates said it best: “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”.  Our society has evolved in so many ways in response to advances in medicine and... Show Me >

Madeline Mosier of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrating how to do crossfit style strict ring dips. Show Me >

Molly Nourmand of Extremefitness.com demonstrating the vinyasa sequence. Show Me >

Sean Callahan of Extremefitness.com performing the broad jump burpee Show Me >

Salt isn’t bad for you. Excess consumption of processed salt, however, is bad for you. Avoiding salt like the plague is also not the best idea. I learned this the hard... Show Me >

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Rebecca Louise-Smith of ExtremeFitness.com demonstrates how to do... More >

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We often believe energy must come from an outside source, yet it’s... More >

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What is Yoga? How do we get there? Why would I want to?These... More >


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