The single biggest mistake of my early training career was training to failure. I was eager for results and like many others, I assumed harder workouts meant faster... Show Me >

Madeline Mosier of demonstrating the 21-15-9 Crossfit workout for home/travel purposes Show Me >

  Meryl Pritchard of discussing some sugar alternatives. Show Me >

  Molly Nourmand of demonstrating the yoga frog pose, which is great for stretching the hips and legs Show Me >

Madeline Mosier of demonstrating Crossfit style Burpees as a total body exercise. Show Me >

Molly Nourmand of demonstrating an intense yoga shoulder stretch. Show Me >

If you have ever dated, then you know that you’re probably not going to find Mr. or Mrs. Right on your first try, right? Well, the same is true for finding a yoga class... Show Me >

Spring is finally in the air, and there’s no better way to refresh and renew your mind and body than practicing yoga. We’ve asked yogis around the world what gear and... Show Me >

One of my favorite quotes from Caroline Myss’ The Anatomy of the Spirit helps set the tone for this post: “Ironically, once we realize the stuff of which we are made, we... Show Me >

Juicing is a powerful health habit that is beneficial to your whole body. Juicing organic vegetables and fruits can help heal chronic disease and flush toxins from... Show Me >


Sean Callahan of discussing some tips on getting... More >

  Sean Callahan of demonstrating the... More >

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