Recovery is More Than 50% of the Equation!

You’re never going to reap the rewards of your hard work if you can’t recover from it.  Recovery is more than 50% of the equation. To make the superhuman transformation you’re going to have to train right up to the line of overtraining.  There are times that you need to cross that line to make progress. Pushing to a point of mild overtraining will force you to level up physically and mentally. It’s the best way to expand your limits.

Using these recovery techniques, along with progressive programming will allow you to sustain results and walk the thin line of progress and overtraining.  


-More sleep.

-Better quality sleep sleep.

-Set up your space as a dark, quiet room.  Get black out curtains if you have to.

-Remove electromagnetic devices from anywhere near you.  The electromagnetic frequencies they radiate interfere with your brain waves, which keep you from being able to fall into a deep REM sleep which is when most effective recovery occurs.  

-Your bedroom should be a restful and peaceful place.  Our mental associations have a strong affect on us.  Working in bed or keeping an office in your bedroom is the worst thing you can do for your rest. Your bedroom should be for sex and sleep, nothing else.  

-Quit falling asleep with your ipad or lap top in bed with you.  

-Hours before midnight count as 1.5 hours.  Even if you can’t increase the amount of hours you sleep a night you can improve their effectiveness by getting more hours before midnight.  It’s worth it to make a shift in your schedule that allows you to go to sleep earlier even it means you also have to wake up earlier.  

-Don’t go to sleep angry.  If something is on your chest, it’s best to get it off before you lay down to sleep.  Going to sleep in a negative mindset amplifies the bad feelings because your brain will stew on those negative thoughts all night while you’re asleep giving them even more of a hold over you.  

-Take ice baths or warm Epsom salt soaks for relaxation and to aid with therapy.

-Expert bodywork.  Finding a good massage therapist/bodyworker is golden.  They are healers and someone that you should consider as part of your “training camp.” 

-Self massage and self myofascial release is personal maintenance that should be done on an almost daily basis.  I do it while I talk on the phone and watch television.  I roll out at home when I watch football and movies. 

For self massage tips check out these videos: