Lauren Lobley

Chief meal officer, home engineer, purveyor of health and wellness, goal coach, goal setter, trail runner, yogi, freelance writer, grateful, motivated motivator.

Lauren Lobley hails from the great white North, otherwise known as Canada. Being raised in Montreal, she is fluent in both French and English. Health and wellness were bred into her from the very beginning, particularly with regards to skiing.

“If you couldn’t ski fast, you couldn’t with my dad. And he wouldn’t have that. So, naturally, my siblings and I learned to ski really fast!”

In 2006, after coming back from law school in Australia, she began working for the ever popular athletic apparel company, lululemon. Two years into her time there, she was transferred to Beverly Hills where she stayed until May of 2010. At that point, Lauren traded in her yoga pants for a chef coat when she enrolled in culinary school in Vancouver. After working as the head pastry chef for a year and a half under a popular celebrity chef in West Hollywood, she was feeling a strong desire to get back to her roots:

“I missed the health and wellness aspect of lululemon. I also missed goal coaching with my peers. Besides, my husband and I own a yoga studio and an adventure yoga retreats company, and though admittedly I have a sweet tooth, being a pastry chef was simply no longer in line with my lifestyle. In fact, I don’t think it ever was.”

And so, her focus shifted to nutrition, and she began to share recipes for both food and for life on her website, Delectable You. She also started a women’s goals group with about 15 of her peers in the Los Angeles area. Every month, they get together to share their goals in an effort to help support one another in their endeavors.

“The purpose of my life is to inspire people to live their best lives simply by living mine. It's about being an example to others, and being there to help however and whenever I can.”

For more information on Delectable You, yoga classes, and yoga adventures, visit, and

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