Madeline Mosier

Madeline Mosier has always been an avid fitness enthusiast. From a young age she began playing sports and and continued to do so throughout high school, playing 3 varsity sports her senior year. Upon entering college, she decided to make academics her main focus but still played intramural sports to maintain her fitness level. Upon graduating from the University of Texas in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Business Foundations, Madeline needed a new workout regimen. She found CrossFit shortly after and has 

In 2011 she left her job in fashion public relations and decided to dedicate her life to fitness, specifically to the sport of CrossFit. That year she earned her CrossFit Level 1 Certification and immediately began an intense coaching curriculum at BRICK CrossFit in West Hollywood. Spending hundreds of hours under the toutelage of BRICK owner Jarett Perelmutter and Head Progamming Coach, Cez Flores, Madeline honed her coaching skills and graduated to a Head Coach at BRICK in early 2012. That same year she also took on the role of the Southern California Regional Media Director for CrossFit, Inc. where she ran all social media outlets as well as wrote numerous athlete spotlight articles and scoring update reports during the 2012 CrossFit Games Open. Madeline also organized the media team of the 2012 Southern California Regional Event, directing videographers, photographers, writers, etc to capture all of the moments during this exciting event in the CrossFit world.

In late 2012, she was appointed General Manager of BRICK CrossFit in West Hollywood and continues her position as GM and Head Coach today. 

In 2013, Madeline decided to take her CrossFit training to the competitive level and with her BRICK team qualified for the 2013 Southern California Regional Event. She continues to compete in local unsanctioned CrossFit competitions for fun along with her teammates and is looking to go back to the Southern California Regional even once again in 2014. Madeline enjoys leading her life down a path centered on balancing fitness, family, friends and CrossFit!

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