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Obi Obadike is a celebrity trainer, top fitness/nutrition expert and fitness personality. He has graced over 40 fitness magazine covers over the past 5 years and he has been featured in over 100 fitness magazines making him one of the most published fitness experts/fitness personalities over the past 5 years. He is also a fitness columnist writer for multiple different domestic and international fitness magazines. Obi has also been featured in dozens of national fitness and sports national commercials.

He has also been requested by mainstream magazines as a fitness expert from time to time to provide expertise such as Jet and Ebony magazine.  He was a top Division I sprinter at Cal State Fullerton where he was the school record holder in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 relay. He was also All-Big West Conference 2 years in a row and he held the title of the fastest man in school history for a 5 year period. He also won athlete of the year honors at the university.

He currently writes for which is the largest fitness internet site in the world. He has a popular fitness expert column on the site called Ask The Ripped Dude. The site attains over 18 million unique visitors per month and in Dec of 2012 he was named writer of the year and at that same time they named their end of the year site awards after him calling it the “Obi’s”. He has written over 150 fitness articles over the past 5 years. His fat loss articles have transformed thousands of people and are read by millions of people every month.

He was one of the fitness experts and trainers that helped to launch Turner Broadcasting Network’s first ever brand new digital health and wellness entertainment brand called upwave in August of 2013.

Obi has travelled all over the world and has made appearances in places like Turkey, Amsterdam, Australia, etc and has hosted fitness seminars in those respective countries. He is also been on featured on some of the most popular morning TV talk shows internationally as a fitness and health expert.

He was an on-camera fitness expert host for the Turner brand and produced most of their exercise videos and fitness tips that is currently featured on their site. He is also featured in Turner’s upwave health and wellness commercials on HLN. Obi’s educational credentials are B.A, B.S. M.S. Certified fitness Trainer with ISSA and Certified Nutrition Specialist with ISSA. He has a huge social media following with over 1.5 million followers which is more followers than any fitness personality on TV at the moment.

He also averages 3,000 to 6,000 re-tweets per tweet which is verified by making him one of the most re-tweeted people on twitter. He is a also a Celebrity Trainer who has trained celebrities such as Actor Morris Chestnut and ESPN Sports TV analyst Stephen A Smith and others.

In late 2013 he helped Morris Chestnut get in the best shape of his life by helping him lose 33 pounds and 10 percent of body-fat in 12 weeks. He helped him go from potbelly to abs during that timeframe.  Morris’s transformation was the talk of the country during the promotion of his Best Man Holiday movie. Obi was publicly credited by Morris Chestnut as his trainer and nutritionist  in daytime talk shows such as Dr Oz, The Wendy Williams show, MSNBC Tamron Hall, The Talk and many other daytime talk shows he was on while promoting his movie. Morris Chestnut’s new ripped body led to him gracing his first national fitness cover of Muscle and Performance.

Obi’s philosophy on fitness “I love what I do because I have the ability to transform a person physically and mentally and that is a priceless feeling not only as a trainer but also as a writer”. Knowing you can help someone attain the body they desire and be healthy throughout their life is a rewarding feeling.” In January 15th of 2014 Dr Oz’s named him one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Fitness Experts On The Web” and this was featured prominently in an official press release that surfaced all over the internet.

He was named #6 most influential fitness expert on the web along with other huge mainstream health and fitness TV experts such as  Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Jillian Michaels, NBC’s Biggest Loser and Bob Harper’s NBC’s Biggest Loser. The Official yahoo press release to that Most Influential Fitness Expert list is at

Dr Oz’s Sharecare which is one of the biggest mainstream health and wellness sites in the country has made him one of their new fitness expert contributors where he will be answering health, fitness and wellness questions several times a month on their site.

He is an author of an e-book fat loss system called the Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women and those books can be purchased at

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