Richard Maillard

Originally from the South Coast of England, Richard Maillard proves to be today what he was as a young Brit – a person who’s passionate about adventure and who stays physically fit so he can meet the requirement any such opportunity may present.  This life-long quality showed itself early on in a love for sports like soccer and field hockey.  But it was his high aptitude early on in his involvement in martial arts, which proved he was a cut above the rest. At a very young age, his sensei spotted his talent, and promoted him to the demands of adult training and discipline; such excellence qualified Richard to compete as part of the Danish martial arts team.

Since his time in Europe, Richard has become an American citizen and enjoys the rugged opportunities of the West Coast.  Here he is a certified USA cycling coach and enjoys long, weekend rides with a pack of high-intensity fellow riders.  When he’s not out riding on the road, he heads to the trails of nearby hills with his family on foot or on their mountain bikes.

Aside from his extensive physical ability, Richard has passion for a thriving family life.  With his wife and three kids, he pursues his passion for a healthy lifestyle and shared outdoors experiences where each family member can challenge his/herself and return home with the satisfaction of personal achievement.

As described by friends close to him, Richard is loyal, determined and passionate.  With these traits he finds other peoples’ strengths and draws them out so they can function with a higher awareness and appreciation for their own strengths.  He’s done this as a youth leader and public speaker in a variety of settings.

While thirst for American-style adventure have drawn Richard Maillard from his homeland, at 2:30 any Saturday afternoon, you’re likely to find him nursing a hot cup of tea and later in the day, with some French wine & cheese; the demands of adventure must have their decadent rewards.

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