Sean Callahan

Sean Callahan is a Fitness/Wellness Coach, P90X Certified trainer, Cast member of P90X2 and P90X3 and fitness enthusiast.  Mentored by renowned celebrity trainer Tony Horton of P90X, Sean specializes in resistance training, calisthenics, HIIT, weight-loss training and nutrition counseling. 

Sean has always had a passion to help others.  At a young age he was introduced to sports and athletics through Taekwondo, Baseball, and Basketball.   He earned his Black Belt in Taekwondo and played Baseball through his High school years.  After college, Sean found Fitness after being fed up with feeling loss of energy, loss of confidence and not being in the shape that he once was.  “Fitness gave me confidence and showed me that I can achieve things I never thought possible.  My passion is to help others do the same by getting healthy and fit so they can live the life they were meant to live.” 

Combining his passion for wellness and helping others, Sean has coached thousands with their health/fitness goals both personally and online.  He continues to learn and evolve by trying new fitness philosophies, studying the latest research on nutrition and training, picking the brain of industry experts, and always keeping an open mind. 

“I am thrilled to be the leader of Team Extreme.  Each one of our members of Team Extreme brings a unique approach and provides a different perspective on how to be healthy and fit.   My goal for the team is to help as many people as we can by providing up-to-date information, tips, workouts, and motivation.  We are here to support those who are struggling with their weight, health and fitness. For those wanting to take their fitness to a new extreme, whatever that might be for them, we are here to help and encourage.  So whatever your goals are, Team Extreme is here to help.”  -Sean Callahan

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