Tanner Martty

Tanner Martty is a coach, trainer, and gym owner of 34 North in Santa Monica, CA.  He is a former collegiate and lifelong athlete with a passion for all things movement whose philosophy on training and system of coaching has evolved through a lifetime of practical experience in many different disciplines as well as formal education.  Training began in 2nd grad when he first started a calisthenics program of push-ups and sit-ups every day before school.  Over time that morphed into competitive Olympic lifting, a college basketball scholarship, regional bodybuilding titles, and kettlebell competition championships.  His education includes the following certifications: SFG-1, FMS-1, IKFF CKT-2, PCC, Primal Move, and Precision Nutrition Pn1.

Tanner's strength as a trainer and coach is his ability to create programs that are accessible, challenging, and beneficial for every human athlete.  His programs include a mix of strength, power, endurance, mobility, and movement skill with elements of play so that training challenges the mind and is something people look forward to rather than being another mundane task in an already busy day.

Tanner's programs utilize a combination of traditional training modalities, using bodyweight, barbells, and dumbbells, as well as more unconventional methods using kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, club bells, and a host of other things you won't see in most gyms.  A person must have mastery over their own body before they can master control of anything else, so calisthenics are the foundation of his system from which everything else builds.  That philosophy of self control being primary is the ethos that makes the training at 34 North transcend beyond the physical body.

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